Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Neo-Con Zions Are Trying To Hijack My Blog?!?

It sounds ridiculous, doesn't it?  

Well, since we are already notorious for blaming Amaireeka and the neo-con zions (which, BTW, is a hit term these days since it adds an evil-alien-monster-kind-of-a-dreadful-villain-image to the situation) for everything that is wrong with us and the world (and when I say everything, I mean EVERYTHING including, but not limited to instability, terrorism, injustice, inequality, poverty, hunger, global warming, earthquakes, hurricanes, AIDS, Cancer, PPP, PML, MQM and the Republicans) I think I should try hitting a new low now.

But I am not fully insane to make such a claim. 

A funny thing happened last night.  I was showing off my blog to one of my friends.  He lives in Vilaayat; let's call him Motus here for the sake of his privacy (and for other obvious reasons that I better not state here for the sake of my security). 

Here is about the conversation that took place between him and me.  

Me: (hello, hi and stuff!)

Motus: (hi, hello and stuff!)

Me (posting the link to my blog): Did I tell you about this?

Motus: Uff blog!  Let me check.

Motus: This is your blog?

Me (thrilled, thinking that Motus is overwhelmed with the level of intellect there):  Of course, it is.

Me: (the cute little embarrassed smiley to show humility and gratitude!)

Motus: Are you serious?

Me: Yes, I am serious. 

Me (a bit annoyed now): What?  You think I can’t have a blog on my own?

Me: (confused smiley!)

Motus: No, you can.  But is this your blog?

Motus asked me to accept an image file.  I, being skeptical about what might be going on, approved, downloaded and opened it.

What appeared before me was an image of his browser window that he had captured and it showed some biblical site under my blog domain.  Below is the image:

Apparently, when Motus typed the URL of my blog in his browser go-to bar, he, for some God knows what reason, was directed to  I tried navigating to the blog myself to see if it was true.  Yes, my blog was there, preaching Christianity, claiming to be an easy to navigate mega-site of Bible, Christian church and religious information, sermons and studies.

Me: What the hell?

Motus: Haha, this is your blog?  Nice blog, Dude!

Me (flattered!): They hacked my blog!  I didn't know it was this popular already.

Me: (the cute little embarrassed smiley again!)

Motus: Why on earth would they do this?

Me (breaking all previous personal records for humbleness and humility): Well, off the top of my head, they envy all the hits and comments my blog has been getting.  Not a lot of people would visit, you know!

Motus: Hmmm, yah!

Baffled, I logged on to the main blogger website to check if my account was still there.  It was.  I went to my profile page and clicked on the blog link from there.  It showed all my rants successfully.

Me: Try it again.  I saw that website initially but now I get my blog.

Motus: Nopes, still the same thing.

Motus: Have u heard the strings new album?

Me: No, I haven’t.

Motus: (surprised smiley!)

Me: Dude, let’s just concentrate at the issue at hand right now.  Why you can’t see my blog, that is!

Motus: OK.

Me (impatient now!): Try some other blog and get routed here.  Try googling for my blog.  Try doing something, Man!

Motus (a few minutes later): Yah, I got it now.  You probably need to promote your profile page.  Your blog is accessible from the link available there.

Motus: When did you become Libra?

Me (totally blown off!): Dude! THE ISSUE AT HAND, PLEASE! 

Me: I have always been Libra, by the way.  Libras are the best.

Me: (the cute little embarrassed smiley one more time!)

Me: Try again.

Motus: Yah, now it is going to your blog. 

Motus: Be careful, though.  If you promote this blog of yours, people might get wrong ideas about you. 

Me: So what you are saying is that I need to tell people now after showing off my blog domain name that if they see a Bible website there, it is not me?

Motus: Indeed!

Me: This is pathetic. 

Motus: (laughing!)

Me: (sad smiley!)

Motus: (more laughing!)

Me: Stop laughing, Man!

Motus: It’s funny.

Me: It’s not.

Motus: It is, trust me.

Me: No.  It's pathetic.

Motus: Yah, it is a bit of that as well.

Me (signing off!): Bye

So, if you are not on my blog right now and are reading about Bible instead (I know it’s a stupid statement), let me assure you that I have not converted and something or someone, somewhere at the domain name resolution service headquarters (if there exists such a place) is screwing up.

Not to mention, we now have another reason to hate the neo-con zions if we didn’t have enough already.


Wednesday, September 17, 2008

So Why Did I Start Blogging?

Well, here is my second post, the first being the same 'Hello World!' one that I had posted at the other three blogs that I started (yes, there were three).

Most of you ... naa, most of you is a bit too strong for a second post on an unknown blog ... some of you ... eeh, some of you is a bit overwhelming as well ... So, YOU must be wondering why I jumped into the blogosphere all of a sudden? Is this just another blog? Am I gonna put something here or will it stay untouched for the rest of its life like the other three? And was Zulaekha male or female?

Wonder no more and keep reading, answers lie right ahead.

Well, it all started around a few months ago. You see, I have recently graduated from the business school that I had been attending for my MBA degree. It was an executive program so it pretty much took all the time I had left after work, family, friends, sleeping, eating, drinking, TV, internet, movies, books and all. Yah, I know what you are thinking. I agree that at times, 24 hours can be too little a period. But let's keep that story for some other day and concentrate on the problem at hand.

As I was saying, I had finished my grad school and all of a sudden, I had this ample supply of a resource called time. For the first couple of months, I ended up doing what our politicians do to our national resources. Wasting it like hell, that is. But then it occurred to me that this thing should be put to some better use.

I started short-listing activities, which I could master, be awesome at and then proudly list as hobbies in my profile later (and remove 'wasting time' from there for good). Keeping in mind my physical fitness level, I didn't consider activities that carried the least amount of physical activity. I thought that it wasn't any use trying to improve something that was already this close to perfection (pun intended!). The ones that made the cut were blogging and photography.

So, here I am, blogging my way through the web. I am gonna rant about random stuff relentlessly, here. I am gonna use this forum to try and say things that need to be said. I am gonna try and make a difference and make myself heard.  In short, I am gonna try and get things fixed around here.

As Adlai Stevenson puts it: "It's better to light a candle than to curse darkness." I want to light a candle, as little as it may be, do my part and hope that others do theirs. Who knows, there might be light someday!

So, that was about me and blogging. I'll tell you about my photography stint some other time. For now, just know that I have taken the first step, have setup a flickr account and have added a few photos from my visits to vilaayat so that I have something to show:

And Zulaekha was female.


Thursday, September 11, 2008

Hello World!

I am JDee and this is my diary. Most of the time, I’ll use it to blurt out stuff from inside me and talk rubbish.

Beware, things could get nasty and parental guidance is strictly recommended.

Happy surfing. :)