Tuesday, October 14, 2008

And We Lost Again

In case you didn't know, Pakistan lost to Sri Lanka in the final of first ever Al Barakah T20 Canada Championship 2008 last night after staying unbeaten in all the group matches of the four nation tournament.

This is the third time in a row that our team has fallen in a final after playing splendidly in the group stage. First it was the Twenty20 World Cup Championship 2007 where Pakistan lost to India in the final after being unbeaten all along, and then it was the Indian Cricket League last year, where Lahore Badshahs went down in the finals after thrashing almost every team.

Like, WTH? Should we stop watching T20 cricket tournaments after the group stages?


  1. They choke under pressure, thats the only explanation otherwise, they should've had plenty of confidence going into this game on the back of successive wins in the group stages

  2. @Razz: It's a disappointment, nevertheless. Specially when you got Pakistani cricket after months, you stayed up late till 3 in the morning to watch it live and you actually hoped that they'd win.

  3. *Should we stop watching T20 cricket tournaments after the group stages?*

    No!, you can try some sportsman spirit instead :p

    c'mon now, haven't you heard "khel mein haar jeet toh hoti hee hai", it's just that in case of Pakistan cricket it's mostly "haar" in the finals. Still it's like winning more games and loosing just one.


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