Thursday, October 16, 2008

Birthday Bling

Yesterday was my birthday! I turned [bleep] this Thursday, the 16th of October.

Well, I have been home alone lately.  So, I wasn't really expecting a blast at this birthday, certainly not a big one.  Still, my day didn’t go well by any standards.

The celebrations started fine.  I received a call from a friend fifteen minutes before the clock ticked midnight (and my day).  Apparently, people felt sleepy and they wanted to wish me and hit the bed.  I accepted the wish graciously.  I had to; I didn’t have a lot of choices. 

I then received another call from another friend ten minutes before time.  This time, the urge was to be the first ones to register their wish with me.  Sweet!  But of course, they weren't amused upon knowing that they had been beaten to it.  I tried to cheer people up by telling them that had they even won the rat race, they would have still been a rat. No, that was something that I said to some other friend some other time at some other place.  But I said something on similar lines here, which I can't exactly recall right now.  And as far as I know, it worked (this might change when the friend reads this).

The trend caught on and I received another call around midnight.  And then, another friend called five minutes after midnight, talked for another couple of minutes and then wished me thinking that the clock had just changed dates and they were in fact the first ones to wish me. I had to correct them that it was actually seven minutes into the day and their watch needed repairs.  All this was also said in a very grateful tone, of course, and I wouldn't have made the correction had I not been asked whether they were the first ones or not.

And that was all.  That was all I got before I went to sleep, waiting.  I know it sounds lame, but I expected a lot more people to remember it.  Anyways, I thought sleep had gotten to people and I should go to sleep myself.  That is exactly what I did.

I got up in the morning by a congratulatory call from one of my fellow gangsters.  There was also a message lying in my inbox from another one.  There was still light, I told myself and headed towards my office in a joyous mood.  But it was short-lived.

It was a suprise to see that nobody in the office knew that it was my birthday till after noon since that is when birthday wishes publicly appear on our company’s local portal.  A farigh (free) few, that actually go to that portal in the middle of the day (the rest do it first thing in the morning), caught that and spread the word.  But I didn’t get a lot of wishes, even after that. 

My team arranged a small surprise birthday party for me after lunch.  It was actually a surprise, a very pleasant one for that matter, since I was having a dismal day.  It was, in fact, the most enjoyable thing that happened on my birthday, barring the usual lunch gossips, of course. 

Even my siblings forgot to wish me on time.  Wish accuracy was only 33% for my 3 younger ones, which is pretty disappointing.

People have been wishing me all day long on Facebook (boring!) but that doesn’t count, does it?  Everybody wishes everybody else on Facebook; it’s not a big deal.  And besides, good friends either congratulate you in person, at best, or via a personal message, at worst.  So, I didn’t include Facebook wishes here.

Well, all is not bad.  The good thing is that my ice-cream list for tomorrow (it’s a stupid tradition at our office) is very small, which means far less money spent than last time.  Plus, all my close friends are gonna realize that they missed wishing me sooner or later (I’ll make them, if they don’t; this post is gonna help) and that is when I get my leverage and use this to taunt (and haunt) them for the rest of their lives. 

All in all, I had never had this many friends of mine forgetting my day altogether as I have had this time.  So, it’s kinda disappointing.  And as much as I tell them that it’s OK, it's actually not.  It sucks!  Damn you, all-my-so-called-friends-who-forgot-my-birthday!  :P

Na, just kidding, I love you all!  It’s just the recent solitude that’s getting to me.  :)

And for all the people who did manage to remember my birthday, thanks a ton.  You guys really made my day.  :)

And that’s all for my rants for today.


  1. hmm seems like I was the first one to wish u :p 90 minutes earlier :D

  2. I know who! :P
    But you were not the first one. There were people who wished me 2 days earlier, for some reason. :P
    Check my Facebook wall, if want proof. :P

  3. come on man u missed us out......we shud have been crowned the first ones to wish was exactly 6 hours before the clock struck midnight...atleast give credit where its due

  4. @Umer: As I said: There were people who wished me 2 days before my birthday. I didn't mention them, because theirs didn't count. Just as yours didn't count. :P

  5. Its ok .. but am enjoying the DRAMA QUEEN these days. And this was nothing compared to that ! :P

  6. @Billu: Of course, this is nothing compared to that. No matter how much I rant, I can't match Her Majesty at rootu pana in a hundred years. :P

  7. belated happy birthday... I was just searching for some crafty bloggers from karachi and ran through yours. Thought I'd wish you. tc

  8. dude, if its any consolation, i want u to know that i started the countdown at 11:00 pm to wish you a happy birthday. I was doing really well for around 30 minutes, and then I did the unthinkable; I PICKED UP A BOOK AND STARTED READING! And that's a killer. Reading at night puts me to sleep within minutes. So I went down when it was T minus 10 minutes I think. I woke up at 2:30 and felt like kicking myself, not only cuz I didn't wish you but also cuz I didn't say good night to ... you know who :P Look at the brighter side of all this, mine was the first wish you got in the morning and you had a good day didn't you :P

  9. and if it wasn't know who...I would've done the same the next day on bilal's birthday. I didn't learn from my mistake, someone made me :P


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