Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Hello, Gorgeous!

It seems that not everybody in Pakistan is annoyed with or making fun at Zardari's famous flirting attempt with Palin. Apart from giving the whole world a good laugh, the whole nation a good humiliation, and earning Zardari a fatwa, some people also find it encouraging and heartening, apparently.

Here is a letter from a reader that was published in Dawn on the 17th of October, 2008.

IN her column, ‘Hello, Gorgeous’ (Dawn Magazine, Oct 12), Anjum Niaz has noted: “Ever since she (Sarah Palin) won the beauty contest way back in 1984, she’s had men telling her how gorgeous she is. The latest being our president”. In the end, she has written: “A piece of advice to the men in this country: stop calling women ‘gorgeous’!”

I am afraid she is being a spoilsport: why deny our men the few opportunities they get to vent their feelings? If Mr Zardari wanted to call Ms Palin ‘gorgeous’, or felt like hugging her, it was a normal male instinct, wasn’t it?

This reminds me of an incident from long ago. During my first visit to the West, which occurred when I was a youth, one evening, while strolling back from the Eiffel Tower, I encountered a charming young Parisian woman. When our eyes met, she smiled. At the time I didn’t know it was common courtesy in the West for strangers to smile if their eyes happened to meet.

I thought that since we didn’t know each other she must have smiled at someone else who may be walking behind me. So I turned around to see who it was the damsel was so pleased to see, but found nobody.

Belatedly I realised it was only me that she must have smiled at. Feeling very elated by the thought, I quickly glanced in her direction and thought I should let her know how much I, as a friendless man in a foreign land, appreciated to be smiled at. Also, could I please be smiled at by her for the remaining few weeks that I was going to be there?

However, lack of courage, or inexperience, kept me from doing that. I am about as old as our president — give or take a few years — but, to this day, I haven’t forgotten that incident, nor have I ever been able to overcome my cowardice. But, Mr Zardari’s example has given me courage enough and the next time I come across a pretty lady in the West (but never in Pakistan), I am going to tell her how gorgeous she is, regardless of what my better half or anybody else thinks about it!



Well, the guy certainly hasn’t gathered enough courage yet to sign the letter with his own name for his better half to know about his intentions. I, thus, find it a little hard to bet on him fulfilling his childhood obsessions at this age.

Thank you Shairani for sharing this. I wouldn’t have found it myself in a hundred years. :)



  1. I have got a piece of advice for you: "apnee tasweer hataa lay warna andar ho jaye gaa."

  2. he has a fatwa against him, now he has got it made.

    A sure shot way for western sympathies is to get some lunatic mullah to issue a fatwa against you

    Zardari is one cool dude indeed

  3. @Umer: Thanks for the concern. It's all good, don't worry. :)

  4. @Tazeen: Hmmm, quiet a point you have made there regarding the fatwa thingy.
    And I couldn't smile enough on the cool dude remark. :)

  5. Well cool dude, he is.

    Do you anyone else who has physically transformed himself from disgusting shoe polish dyed back wadera moustaches to perly white teethed, suited person. Do you anyone else who has gone from most maligned man in the country to the democratically elected president?

    he sure is cool, but not the kind of cool that you would want to be.

  6. @Tazeen: You are right. I can't recall any other person with such a huge transformation. He is cool but not the kind that parents would want their children to be like. :)


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