Monday, October 20, 2008

Home Alone

I had been home alone.

My parents were out for vacations lately. Well, in fact, I had gone with them but had to return earlier because of office and all. So, I had to spend a couple of weeks alone, all by myself.

I assume that most of my readers (just like me, myself) live in a society where people usually stay with their parents till death do them apart, there will be plenty who haven't have had this experience ever. Let me share mine with all those (un)lucky ones.

Well, I spent the whole time in my living room. I didn’t even unlock the doors of the other rooms of my place. Neither did I unpack my travel bag.

The TV, my laptop and the Internet were my lifeline most of the time:

The sofa that was used as a bed:

This is a view of my pressing table after week one. And we don’t even put the worn-out-clothes-ready-for-a-wash here:

The dining table, where I had been having all the meals:

OK, enough for the pictures. Let's list down the pros and cons of living alone.

Here are the pros:

  • One doesn't have to worry about getting home late. In fact, one doesn't have to worry about getting home at all.
  • One can have friends over for days (and nights) without any hesitation and have console wars with them on the wackiest titles and watch movies with them with the highest volume.
  • One can do stuff they couldn't do with people around (omitting the details of that intentionally).
  • One saves valuable seconds not worrying about closing doors behind while using washrooms (this could be a life saver, believe me).
  • One can sing as loud as they can while bathing.
  • One can sleep anywhere, anytime, in any way they want.

That is pretty much all that I can think about right now. And now, the con list:

  • One has to manage everything by themselves; even the petty-little chores (like the availability of milk for a cup of tea) that they thought were being taken care of automatically. It gets annoying at times.
  • One has to live in a dirty place if they don’t know how pocha and jhaaru work.
  • One is all alone and there is nobody to take care of them (this could be dangerous if something serious happens). This also results in missing meals (and other stuff) at times.
  • One has to spend money on socks (among other things) just because the all existing pairs stink badly and need a wash.

In a nutshell: It’s awesome on one hand, it sucks on the other.

My parents are back and life is back to normal now. I kinda miss living alone but am also a bit relieved. After all, I couldn’t keep spending my hard earned money on socks and I was about to run out of clean shirts as well.

I had plans to post this earlier but I didn’t. I had read somewhere that there had been incidents of people being robbed because they had shared too much information about their whereabouts on social networking websites. So I held it back till the return of my family.

So all you robbers and thieves out there reading this, you missed your chance. I am no more alone. Better luck next time.


  1. aww shucks!! I was about to rob you and your house (once I've figured out your home address from your IP address by hacking into google's server that is). Never mind there'll be a next time.
    BTW I saw a Jay-e-Namaz in the pictures and I was pretty glad to see that somebody doesn't miss their prayers even if they are alone :)

  2. Looks like I can't find anything to pick on in this post. Here is what I think:


    And yes, I have relevant experience to partially back that claim :)

    It’s only when one lives alone that one realizes the importance of friends and family in life. Without them one is reduced to a machine. A mere 'cog in the wheel'.

    But loneliness does not mean just being deprived of company. Even when living alone, internet and telephone were your life line because they bring with them a means of contacting people and thus a sense of connected-ness.

    Sometimes we might find ourselves in situations when we are 'on our own' but we are never alone. We have family to fuss about, friends to talk to and enemies (if any) to bakbite. And thank God for that.

  3. Guess what? I found something to pick on in this post.

    You can't even wash your clothes? Not even socks? Man. What are you going to do after you get married. I mean this is the twenty first century after all. You can't expect your better half to do all your dirty work for you. Better shape up mister. I see trouble for you :P

  4. @Erum: I wonder why you had to hack into Google's servers for my address. You could have just asked.

  5. @Cube: Dude, it seems like loneliness is taking a toll on you already. There is a long way to go. And I heard there were some very pretty Thai people around. Better put your energies elsewhere. ;)

  6. @Cube: I don't know about Germany but in Pakistan, your better half does all the dirty stuff for you. Be it 21st century or not. So I guess I am pretty safe. :)

  7. @Cube: And on an entirely different subject, please change your nick. I have said earlier, Scooby Doo is the best that you have pulled off yet.


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