Monday, October 6, 2008

I Miss Home

I miss home and my routine life.

I have been out on vacations for Eid in Punjab and none of the places that I stayed at had Internet connectivity. And since I use my laptop for Internet browsing purposes only, the poor thing, after travelling a thousand miles by road on its own, has been rendered useless as well.

Three days before my departure back to Karachi, I finally managed to get myself a dialup Internet connection here. It was only then that I realized that it was better to not have any connectivity at all than to wait for minutes for pages to load only to find out that the line had secretly dropped and there was no booty in store.  Just imagine trying to check out dozens of new email messages and facebook notifications with such connectivity and you’ll know the irony.

I miss home.  There is no place like it.

I am coming back Monday night.  My family is staying back for a relative’s wedding so I am looking forward to having my place to myself and myself only for a week.  After all, it’s fun not having to worry about others around while doing stuff. 


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