Wednesday, November 5, 2008

About The Presidents

Well, it's official. Barack Hussein Obama II (two!?!) is the first even African-American President of the US of A. The Democrat enjoyed a landslide victory over Republican senator John Sydney McCain III (three!?!) Hats off to the democratic system there, certainly the best in the world!

Though, I never liked Obama's anti-Pakistan stance, I still think that a Democrat win is in the best interest of the world. The world just can't afford another term of the Republicans and although, I don't see anything changing for Pakistan, I am still hopeful for a better future as American policies might get a massive overhaul.  For the better, I hope!

Let's see if Obama really brings the promised change or if the promises made by the President-Elect of the US of A turn out to be as reliable as the ones made by our very own honorable one.  

Speaking of whom, our democratically elected civil president has taken a 200 member delegation on a chartered plane to Saudi Arabia (the biggest ever all expense paid government sponsored trip to this country in our history) to assist him with all the begging, has extended the cabinet to match the size of the squad of Manchester United Football Club, has included every Tom, Dick, Harry and Amin Fahim of PPP as ministers and has decided to reinstate all the politically appointed jialas of PPP's 93-96 tenure back into the organizations they had sucked to death regardless of any financial implications. All in times of the worst economic crisis that faces Pakistan, of course.

Hats off to us as well! We definitely are the worst example of democracy on planet Earth.


  1. Ah ... Pakistani politicians never disappoint us

    200 people ????????

    PM sahab wapas a gaye Turkey se?

  2. @Tazeen: 200, it is. I have updated the post and have included references. He is also reinstating all the jialas his party had appointed during their second term that were kicked out later on account of being parasites to the organizations, the government and the country. All, without any regard to financial implications as proudly claimed by Sherry Rehman in the referred post.
    Pata naheen Turkey say wapis aaye ya waheen say Switzerland chalay gaye.

  3. Duuuuude!

    Don't we already have a barrage of tv channels, newspapers and blogs digging up the mess that politics is? Having shut myself off from all that clutter where everybody is guilty but acts like a saint and points figers at others, I came to your blog, only to find more of the same.

    If you feel the urge to have your say on politics and politicians, DAWN letters is a good place or maybe a separate blog. But please keep this blog about you, your friends, tennis, photography; about things that matter in your life dude.

    You know I wrote a few letters to DAWN (don't search for them, I said I WROTE, which doesn't mean they got published too) but then realized that slandering politicians is the easiest thing to do and no wonder every tom dick and harry is busy doing that. And having done that people start to feel as if they have done their bit for the society and earned themselves a piety badge, not realizing that they are doing the same on a micro level what they criticize others for on a macro level. It just shifts your focus from improving your own self, to holding others responsible for what is wrong with this world. So I thought, let's just be different.

    Micheal Jackson rightly said, or sung rather: "I'm starting with the man in the mirror, I'm asking him to change his ways."

    And Captain Planet hit the nail on the head when he said: "The power, is yours!"

    What sends crap into the assembly halls is our vote, and our vote is our own conscious choice, which essentially means that we are all full of crap.


    Simple enough?

    There are lots of things wrong with each and every one of us and it takes a brave human being to internalize things. We are mostly cowards. We look towards others for hope, and we also blame others for what is wrong.

    So the thing to do my friend is not SLANDER but CHANGE and then INSPIRE. Only then we can set the ball rolling. Refer to your MP Spring 2008 notes for a refresher on that.

    By the way, here's the kicker: I really came here to see how OpenId works on posting comments; above passage is just a filler.

  4. @Farhan: Lengthy comment, in fact a blogpost in itself. Thanks for this. :)

    First of all, it seems like you have not been visiting this page regularly, which is a ballatant sin in itself. :@
    Dude, follow me so that I can show the world that you are my ****** (just added that follower gadget). ;)

    The reason I think you don't visit is because if you did, you would have noticed this post here,, in which I have said the exact same thing that you have lectured me about in this comment-cum-blogppost. So, you are about a couple of weeks late with the crap=>crap=>crap theory here. :P
    But it's nice to know that others are thinking differently as well. Please continue doing so, we definitely need this. :)

    There is one thing, though. You want me to keep this blog about myself and about the things that matter in my life. This is not why I decided to start a blog, but even if I keep that aside for a moment, I fail to fathom why you thought this didn't affect my life. Or our lives, for that matter. Dude, this is our country, this is our government that runs out of our money that is being wasted like toilet paper. Should we just let them do that? I thought you had learned that truck waalas don't learn till they are yelled at and believe me, these people are worse. Thinking that what they do doesn't matter or doesn't affect us is the kind of apathetic mindset that we need to get out of in order to get anything done here, in my opinion.

    BTW, I think you should post all this as a blogpost of your own, maybe move a bit from the personal stuff. As much as I love hearing about your duck that gets banged while stationed (yes, I am a fan too), I think we should use forums like these for other bigger things as well. It's a lot easier to make a difference in the Internet age.
    And my friends think you did great at tennis today considering it was only your first time. Or it was not?

  5. apart from all this....he is touring the states again in the next few days...lets see how many of his right hands join him in his next quest.

  6. BaracK? Sorry just your spelling looking wrong.
    Anyhow, I think it's a great movement in itself that America have appointed an African American President.All the best to his time in the White House.
    Just seen that you had the same random question as mee!

  7. yeah it was my first outing on a tennis court, first time I held a tennis racket. I mean I had people telling me which side to stand on and when it was my serve. i'm generally good at sports dude, if you haven't noticed :P

    As far as our money being wasted like toilet paper is concerned, I agree, we've got to speak out. We have got to choose what to be concerned about; UNDERSTAND THE DIFFERENCE as they say. If you analyze, somebody sneezes and it becomes breaking news. Slandering has become a way of life and I think I've explained earlier why that is so. I still prefer action over empty words and action starts from my own self.

    I think we are both on the same (web)page here, though we have arrived via different links. No worries. All is good mate!

  8. @hfm:
    Thanks for the correction. The typo had been going unnoticed. And yes, the question is the same but the answers are quiet different. :)

  9. @Farhan: This is exactly what I told them that you were generally good at sports. Looking forward to more tennis. :)

  10. i was just going through the pages of history and found an interesting fact.....
    is this barack the same as the barack-zai's that we have a-plenty in our northern areas......maybe just a case....the forefathers of this barack h. obama are somehow descendents of the same race....

  11. @USS: I heard on radio this morning while driving to office that Obama hails from a town/village in Kenya (if I remember correctly). He's african-american you know. Newborns are being named after Obama in that place since he's become president.

  12. @USS: Hilarious.
    @Farhan: Yes, his forefathers hail from Kenya. They even gave a public holiday there on him being announced the president-elect.
    I heard that there were celebrations in Lyari as well.

  13. All said and done, but one anomaly !!!!!!!

  14. @Mancunian, I am sure the anomaly you are talking about has to do something with ManUtd's reference. So, say it out loud. :P


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