Sunday, November 2, 2008

Balochistan Needs Us

Besides all claims from the government that the rescue operation was complete and its efforts for the rehabilitation of the Balochistan earth quake victims had been guided by a focused approach, a lot still needs to be done.

The deadly earthquake on the 29th of October left over 300 people dead, scores injured and around 15,000 people displaced. Unofficial sources say some 70,000 homes have been demolished. 

Though, the destruction is not as brutal as 2005's Kashmir's earthquake, things are still pretty bleak and with winter fast approaching, there isn't any good news in sight for the people of Ziarat and other quake hit areas. The survival of the survivors is a question mark here as they are forced to live under open skies with temperatures dropping below freezing point at nights. 

I was listening to a news report the other day that stated that majority of the people affected (the count touches five figures here) were not satisfied with the efforts being put forward by the government.  The government can't do everything; we should all step up and take responsibility.

There have been donation centers setup everywhere in the country.  I, being a software geek, know about the ones setup at my alma mater NUCES and by P@SHA for sure.  A little Google search would definitely yield more than these two results.  One could also contact reputable aid agencies like Edhi Foundation in this regard.

Please try to donate as much as you can.  Our Balochi brothers and sisters badly need it. 

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