Sunday, December 7, 2008


I have been playing tennis lately.

It so happened that two of my colleagues, AAW and SMAK, were forced into exercising by the ever-growing size of their tummies. They knew that they had to do something more fun than just running or stretching or else they would lose interest sooner or later and would get back to square one (well, round ones in their cases). So, they decided to play tennis and I chose to join them (for entirely different and opposite reasons) along with AVS, another colleague of mine.

We started playing at a very cheap city government facility regularly and when I told my other friends how awesome it was (and told the whole facebook network about how I kicked ass at it), a few dozen others also showed interest to join. BN and MFS, my old uni fellows, have been the only other duo out of the dozens interested ones that actually managed to join us after we had started. But, it’s awesome how awesome people think playing tennis is.

MFS is a blogger too and he also did a blog on tennis here. And there are no points for guessing who the mentioned Jdee is.

And this time it is the glorious game of Tennis!

I owe it to Jdee, for re-uniting me with the part of myself I let go 8 years ago. Jdee is one of those types who seem to have way more than 24 hours in a typical day. The earth spins a tad slower for these kinds of guys.

We are all beginners at tennis. Almost all the points on the first day were not won but rewarded by opponents to each other through faults. Gradually we've started playing finishing shots and volleys that last longer. According to our rough estimates, we deliver a spectacular ace once in ten serves. BN did some research on the web on how to grip a tennis racket, while AVS and Jdee floated a PDF on complete rules and regulations of the game.

It's our new-found passion.

It sure is our new found passion (we are found at the courts almost every day) and though, we are all still beginners, I have managed to compile a seed list for the six of us. It goes like … Heck, it doesn’t matter how it goes like but I am the top seeded player on that list, the thing that matters the most.  

All I can say is that tennis is a great game. I had always loved watching it (and had also dreamt of being watched by millions as I lifted Wimbledon). And now when I am into it, I know how not-that-easy it is and how awesome Sania Mirza used to be (as a player, for the ones thinking out-of-the-box there). I even feel bad for hating her (game) back when she was more active on the circuit.

By the way, I heard she was out with a wrist injury these days. What’s up with that? Like, how bad could it be? I had one myself like 3 weeks ago because of the faulty grip of my racket. I just kept on playing till it went away. And then I changed the grip. Simple, eh?


  1. I like Maria Sharapova better :)

  2. That injury will come back to haunt you dude! Tennis injuries are the worst because they never let you forget them...popping up at inappropriate moments and all.

  3. @Razz: Who doesn't?
    @Missspecs: I hope it doesn't come back. It was bad, it even hurt when I shook my hand with others.

  4. "I had always loved watching it (and had also dreamt of being watched by millions as I lifted Wimbledon)"

    WEll maybe that day ill start watching tennis again and ill be rooting for ya there to win the Wimb :P.
    I stopped watching tennis after Becker and Graff retired..
    So good luck to you ;) and good luck to your friends as well...hope they reduce the tummies :P


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