Thursday, January 22, 2009

Reactive Dynamite

Some RD commented on one of my blog posts a few days ago.  I thought it was MSAK.  I was right.  I had a chat session with him on the RD thing afterwards but let me first introduce MSAK to you.

You know once in a while you meet people that are awesome, stand out from the croud and completely attract attention wherever they go.  Well, you guessed it right.  He is NOT one of those guys.  

He is the guy who is the nicest of the bunch but is always bullied by everybody else becuase he never minds others doing it.  He is the guy that gathers attention but only because everybody wants to pull his leg hard and long.  He is the guy who has all the hidden skills in the world but everybody thinks is not good for anything worthwhile. 

Anyways, here is how it went.

Me: Who is RD.  Is it you?
MSAK: yup
MSAK: why ?
Me: No, just curious who posted those comments.
MSAK: RD is my old college nick... 
MSAK: my close friends call me that
Me: RD means?
MSAK: yaar, it doesn't match my personality but like Reactive Dynamite
Me: LOLZ! :D
MSAK: abay yaar 
MSAK: it was cuz of the spontaneous acts 
MSAK: be it the creation of Duster mafia in college and getting suspended for a month
MSAK: or movie maker for fun
MSAK: or a dare devil
Me: Excuse Me?  There was a Duster mafia?
MSAK: yeah
MSAK: never mind that
MSAK: it was again a childish thing :P
MSAK: but i got suspended for a month in college!
Me: Dude, tell me about it.
Me: Was it something like your rubber collecting thing?
MSAK: yaar 
MSAK: well you see
MSAK: i was in college
MSAK: and in our Boys wing
MSAK: we were always out of dusters 
MSAK: so like.. me and my friend once visited the girls wing after dismissal
MSAK: and like we were so surprised that each of their classes had at least 2 HOT SEXY dusters!
MSAK: some dusters were like... 
MSAK: a small BOAT with its base with a cloth!
Me: Lolz!
MSAK: so we formed a coalition and Duster Mafia came into being that day 
MSAK: bus after the dismissal time every day 
MSAK: we'd go to the girls wing
MSAK: and collect the dusters and write of their boards
MSAK: Duster Mafia (DM) strikes again!
Me: Lolz!
MSAK: yaar 
MSAK: we kept on doing that for 3 days
MSAK: after that few of the girls actually placed ABUSES
MSAK: and posted galiyaan (abuses) on their boards
MSAK: when the teachers came to their classes
MSAK: they held a enquiry... and our bags were checked
MSAK: and it had all kinds of dusters 
MSAK: and the only thing that wasn't in our bags was BOOKS!
MSAK: so we were sent to the principal 
Me: Lolz, Man! 
MSAK: they thought we wrote the abuses
Me: Can't stop laughing.
Me: :D
MSAK: but we didn't and no body believed :(
MSAK: and we got suspended for a month
MSAK: but :P
MSAK: that thing made so popular in college
Me: :D
Me: Awesome!

Later I found out that MSAK had a blog as well that hadn’t been updated since months.

Me: You had a blog?  That’s awesome.
Me: Why did you quit writing?
MSAK: it had a purpose dude
MSAK: and later ... i stopped it
MSAK: cuz i lost it's id
MSAK: lol
MSAK: i tried searching for it
MSAK: but couldn't find it
MSAK: then somebody referred me a link 
MSAK: of my own blog
MSAK: and i was like.. o wow.. found it
MSAK: i later started righting on other blog
MSAK: but i lost its id as well
Me: How can you lose ids?
MSAK: and the account with which it was registered
MSAK: i lost its password as well as its id
Me: What's with your weird statuses?
MSAK: :)
MSAK: yaar it's related to Gill
MSAK: she is the one who usually argues with me
MSAK: on statuses
Me: Her name is Gill?
MSAK: yup
Me: Dude, you never cease to amaze me, really.
Me: And this time, I mean it in a good way.
Me: I am impressed.
MSAK: that's the reason they called me RD back then!

And after reading a few posts on his blog, I got to know that he also played flute, made movies, had friends in Romania and had got one of his friend a cute little puppy.

Me: You got your friend a cute little puppy?
MSAK: abay nahih yaar (No, Man)
MSAK: yeh aik stupidity ho gayi thi (it was a stupid thing I did) 
MSAK: woh mazaaak mazaaak main dost ko bola thaa (I told my friend this as a joke)
MSAK: baad main he told her about it (he told Gill about it later)
MSAK: and i had to quickly rite a blog about it!
Me: Oh! You mean, PHIR aik stupidity ho gayi thi? (Oh!, you mean it was YET ANOTHER stupid thing you did)
MSAK: lolz
MSAK: yeah i know it was a stupid 
MSAK: and i still regret it dude
MSAK: abhi bhi kubhi baat nikalti hay (even now we talk about it sometimes)
MSAK: and i have to make a story about it!
MSAK: damn it!
Me: That's bad.
MSAK: yaar 
MSAK: please bhai don't mention this 
MSAK: puppy thingy
MSAK: anywhere yaar
Me: Well YBA referred me to this.
Me: You might also wanna bring him on board.
Me: He read your blog after seeing your comments on mine.
Me: And he asked me what this was about.
MSAK: oh my god!

YBA was hurriedly added to the conversation.

MSAK: :) hi man
YBA: hallo
Me: A conversation with YBA and MSAK.
YBA: wie geht's?
Me: Now that has got to be something. :P
MSAK: abay yaar  (Guys!)
YBA: yeah. strange gathering :D
MSAK: don't mention any one about the puppy thing in the blog
MSAK: bhai please (pretty please)
MSAK: it had a reason cuz of a very stupidity of mine
YBA: ur stupidity? 
YBA: MSAK. Do you ever fail to screw up?
MSAK: bussss yaar 
MSAK: mazaaak mazaaak main aik banday ko chori maari theee (I had said that as a joke to a guy)
MSAK: about this
MSAK: us nay jakay aik bandi ko bata deya (he went on and told that to a gal)
MSAK: and that bandi had the access to my blog (and that gal had access to my blog)
MSAK: and i had to just add it there urgently
MSAK: she thought it was true!
YBA: so. did u marry her?
MSAK: No. :(
YBA: hain abhee tak? (Not even yet?)
YBA: aisi post kai baad to koi bhee tayyar ho jayay gee :P(Any gal would marry you after a post like that :P)
MSAK: only you guys  know about this blog
Me: Well, people are gonna know about your blog now.
MSAK: and i forgot to remove my nick which had the link
MSAK: abay nahih yaar
Me: You have commented at mine and have revealed your identity.
Me: The traffic at my blog is only a little lesser than that on yahoo so you can guess. 
Me: :P
YBA: dont be modest, JDee
YBA: it’s as much as google
Me: Always good to have a friend that corrects you in times you are being modest.
Me: :P

Of course, MSAK removed all questionable posts from his blog later.  He is back in the blogging game now.  Check him out here.


  1. HAHA :P... One mistake... was a big mistake... and that was forgetting to post a comment using anonymous id
    But then again...:P some mistakes turn out to be funny! And I guess this was one such mistake!

    by the way ... it's 1:06, so much for your new year's revolution!!! :P

  2. @RD: Tomorrow's a weekend. :P
    @Naveed: The people involved and the people who know RD. :)

  3. Cute. Duster Mafia :P

    I'm assuming C. Kazim was the principal :)

  4. @Cube Warrior: I think it was khadim...don't remember now man :)

  5. @Cube Warrior:
    There were a lot more.There was this another team as well FakeFriends, coalition partners of Duster Mafia, who operated in the GIRLS WING ONLY! :P

  6. "He is the guy who has all the hidden skills in the world but everybody thinks is not good for anything worthwhile."
    As a wise man said "hidden talents count for nutting":)
    the moral would be ?!
    Dont hide ur talents man..or ppl will think ure just as dull and useless as a melon.:P
    So honour ur nik-name and be explosive :P..also "blast" when they less expect u to .

    @JDee ..ure nice to read. :)

  7. Sometimes, talents are just there for close friends to see. Not meant to be made public :)


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