Friday, January 30, 2009

WTH Moments

I have been having WTH moments regarding this blog lately.

Moment One

Location: Meeting room, a local technology company

Characters: JDèé (JD), Prospective Employer (PE) and their 23 other accomplices (A1, A2, …, A23)

All is going good. JD, PE, A1, A2, …, and A23 are discussing the highly complex nature of the assignment that is under consideration for JD when all of a sudden:

PE: Your blog says you are a geek!  Are you really?
JD: What?
[How on earth did they know about my blog!?!?!]
PE: Well, it doesn't say that but it gives out such vibes that the writer is a geek.
JD: What?  OK.

WTH!?! :S

Moment Two

Location: JDèé’s email inbox

Characters: JDèé (JD) and someone who sent him an invitation to connect to LinkedIn (S).

I believe I've become a die-hard fan of your photography. Plus I read ur blog too! :) cheers
Since you are someone I trust, I want to add you to my profession network on LinkedIn.

I have die-hard fans.  WTH!?!  :D

Moment Three

Location: JDèé’s chat window

Characters: JDèé (JD), a friend (F) and friend’s friend from Timbuktu (FF).

FF to F: Your friend JD, he is cool.  I like his posts.  I think he is fun.
F to FF: What? You read him?
FF to F: Yes, I have been reading him.
F to JD: Dude, you are getting popular.  I have a friend from Timbuktu, they like your posts, think you are cool and fun.
JD to F: Cool!

WTH!?! :)

Moment Four

Location: JDèé’s chat window

Characters: JDèé (JD), a friend (F)

F: Dude, your blog is getting gay, SERIOUSLY!
JD: Lolz!  I wouldn’t say that I was surprised to hear this.  After all, gay was the only label left after geeky, fun, cool, pathetic, awesome and 39 others.
F: I am serious, Man. 
JD: Why on earth would you say that?
F: I'll try to explain once we meet.  If I could, that is.
JD: So now it's throwing out gay vibes that you can feel but not explain?
F: Exactly.

WTH!?! :@

I don’t know about the rest but I am pretty confident that my blog is neither geeky nor gay.  Help me out here guys.  What do you think?  Is this blog geeky, fun, cool, gay, what is it?


  1. i seen ur blog and like it very much. You could visit mine to find your interests:-

    If u are interested in Adsense then u could add me at yahoo messenger as

    Asif Khattak

  2. Well, don't kill me for saying it but you do give off geek vibes. but gay. Er...I didn't feel any but now that you mention it ...

    J/k :p

  3. WTH?

    Im sure your blog isn't anything that starts with a G :P

    But of course one could find synonyms for geek and gay that don't start with a G >>evil grin<<

  4. Hmm ...the Timbuktu friend comments sound kinda familiar :)

    I find it fun and relaxing to read ...I havent read them all posts , but what i read was nice written..:)
    Gay vibes?! :o.. that's giberish...

  5. @Khattak: Sure will visit yours, thanks for the comments. :)
    @Specy/@Cube: :(

  6. @Razz: Thanks, Man.
    @oana: Familiar? Are you FF in this blog?

  7. @JDee: Dude...see... for the IT ppl.. things doesn't seem that geeky. However, for Non-IT ppl.. even right clicking on some folder is GEEKY stuff! ..really WTH!!!

  8. @Oana: yup the timbuktu comments DO sound familiar:P

  9. @Oana: Cool! Welcome to my blog. :D
    @Shahan: Hmmm, you are right.

  10. @JDee:'s RD ok ....

  11. @RD: Oops, sorry! I didn't know you were under cover here. ;)

  12. All i wanna say is WTF !!!!! :D

  13. Well.....your blog is fun and refreshing...and abt the gay thing..... all I can assume is that you ur popularity graph is increasing 'everywhere'. ;)

  14. I can sort of relate =P
    Thankyou for visiting my blog, though!

  15. @BN: Yah, tell me about it!
    @umer: Lolz!
    @Maryam: You can sort of relate? :O Not with the gay thingy, I hope. :P
    @Tazeen: I don't. But it's always good putting stuff like this up on your blog. ;)

  16. Definitely Gay :P

  17. well, you write well and reading your blog brings a smile to my face - so you can rest in peace that though it may be geeky or gay or otherwise atleast one more person smiles bcuz of you...have a good day!


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