Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Words Of Wisdom

Never fall in love.  If it doesn’t work out, the pain is unbearable.

This is an actual conversation.

Me:  Hmmm, how is life?
Him: Life .... is boring, dull, colorless, shit and cold.
Me:  Sorry, I asked!

Even more so: Never ever fall in love with a friend.  If that doesn’t work out, you a left with a broken heart and one less shoulder to cry on. 

Just a couple of bits from JDèé’s words of wisdom.


  1. .....ok i am speechless Now :)

  2. Agreed. Wise words of wisdom =P

  3. ooh. another bhatti blogger. awesomeness.

  4. That's a pretty narrow view of the word "LOVE" ! Though I understand where the focus is but still "Never fall in Love!". I don't agree with this wisdom !

    And thanx bro, u ve just given me an interesting idea for a blog entry :) ... if only i cud just find the time to write one :p

  5. aww...you talking from your own experience JD?

    I agree BN tho. "Never fall in love"... THAT precisely would make a life very dull and colorless imo.
    we could as well say : never put all your efforts in achieving a goal , cuz if you fail might be unbearable. So we might as well sit and do nothing :P Failures are always hard to cope with be it love or any other field.

    And you say "never fall in love with a friend" as if it was our choice/decision , not smth that JUST happens. It is true tho that if happens is tough.
    But being best friends requires a very strong bond that should be able to battle through anything and that should prevail in the end... :)

  6. ALWAYS fall in love; you'll learn a lot, you'll get to know yourself, particularly if it doesn't work out :P

    Its ok to feel miserable, but if you manage to come out of it, you come out stronger, better, wiser.

    I don't remember whether I read this on a T-shirt or an IM personal message, but it said: It's better to have loved and lost, then to have never loved at all. Sounds lame but its true :p

    At the same time do yourself a favor; don't take life too seriously.

  7. Oh My God! Is this an intellectual discussion going on here? You mean like, on my blog? I am flattered. :P

  8. @All: Thanks for the comments.
    @RD/Maryam: I am glad you agree with me.
    @BN/oana/@Farhan: It is always good to have conflicts as they depict life. I liked your comments and I respect them.

  9. @BN: Yah, please update your blog. And you are welcome for the idea. :)
    @Farhan: You better get your act straight, Dude. I am sure Bhabhi-to-be won't like the 'always fall in love' tone of your comment. :P

  10. I am of the philosophy that you should try everything and not take somebody's word for it :)

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  13. Ok let me explain myself here.

    ALWAYS fall in love. In fact, REPEATEDLY fall in love :P until off course it works out and you find THE ONE. Then it definitely has to stop cuz then you are in it for the rest of your life. But hey, why stop EVER? Because im sure there will be moments in life when you will fall in love ALL OVER AGAIN with THE ONE. Therefore, ALWAYS fall in love :P

    There. Now I think your bhabi-to-be is going to love the tone :P

  14. Its party if it works out. High risks have high rewards. ;)

  15. Wisdom booth is getting popular eeh :P

  16. @Razz: Ahem, ahem!
    @Farhan: Now you have changed your stance.
    @Anon: Lolz
    @Xeb: Thanks for agreeing with me. :)
    @Nikki: Yah, tell me about it. ;)

  17. I thought you were past your teens :P


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