Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Fight

A fellow blogger and an ex-classmate from college has chalked out an agenda to fight terrorism and improve the image that we and our country have developed over time. 

Let’s Have A Fight

Terrorists have pushed us to the wall, some wonders what future has in store. And there are so many things in life that one could just curse these terrorists for ruining plans of a bigger and better life. But now I wonder for how long we can turn a blind eye to this all and keep on focusing on our own future, are we all waiting for the death of a close family member so that we can wake up and do something about it. Or even then , all we would do is to run away to some foreign land.
So when after twenty years, if my niece would ask me that how come Taliban got hold of Pakistan then all I would be saying will be ,

Sweetie, I was so coward that I didn't do anything to fight them. I didn't even thought about you and stayed busy with my own life and when I felt that they are too close to my throat then I ran away to this foreign land.

And no, I am never going to say this to her. Because I have had enough. I have decided to start my fight.
Terrorists are having fun, I mean quite some fun. They are killing us while sitting right in our home. They are killing us right,left and center, and all we are doing is to listen to those moronic newscasters.
To the likes of that b****** Sufi and all other so-called Jihadies, and our all other enemies, I would like to say just one thing

My forefathers gave their lives to get this piece of land, and I am running nowhere just because of your fear. I'll stay here because its my land and you are the intruder. I'll take every possible measure to make sure that my own kids stay here and life turns out to be much more beautiful for them. You are not going to get this country that easy.

So what's the fight plan ? Stay tune for that.

And then she has chalked out a plan on how to carry on with this fight.

The Fight Is On

The fight is on and I'll do everything to play my role. No I am not aiming to become a suicide attacker, I am sure situation doesn't call for such desperate measures and I am quite certain that I have many beautiful things in life to look forward to. So here's my strategy, if you like it you are most welcome to adopt it , if you don't then don't bother to point it to me.
1. Be the hope
In all my years of managing projects I figured out that it all comes down to how you can keep your juniors motivated and hopeful, can you crack a joke at 2 a.m. with a critical situation at hand ? In short can you give people a hope that everything will eventually turn out to be quite good ? At many times, this is the difference between a success and failure.
For many days, I wondered when the hope will come? How will we come out of this mess and where exactly is our savior? I waited and waited but nothing happened. And then I figured out that all I have is an incapable president, an equally incapable prime minister, an opposition leader full of vengeance and then there are likes of Shahid Masood, Jasmine Manzoor - who are always so keen to give you an instant dose of frustration. And irrespective of how many ROZ packages Uncle Sam gives us, he is NOT our savior.
Before going forward and fighting with the terrorists, we need to make sure that our people have a hope and they are motivated to undertake this fight. The tired and frustrated minds of our nation cannot generate this hope on their own, so we need to become an example for them. We need to tell them that we expect good things and not only do we expect, we are taking measures to make good things happen for us. They say that Noor Jehan's motivational songs played quite a role in 1965's war, something similar needs to be done to wake up the nation from its deep sleep.
In this regard the first thing that I am looking forward to is to have an event in Karachi, where we all gather to explicitly tell the terrorists that what happened in Lahore is not going to dampen our hopes, the Pakistani spirit is too strong to get punctured by this. You'll hear more about it.
There is a lot more to say on this subject and a separate post will address this topic.
2. Show some attitude
Thanks to our stupid leaders, we are fighting a war on behalf of USA who keeps reciting 'do more' and 'do more' till all of you are dead. And then we are busy telling the world that 'yeah hum nahin' (That's not us,) which means that though some people are planting bombs and having suicide attacks but I swear to God, please believe me, I didn't do it. I am totally innocent, I swear I am.
I can assure you that all you'll hear in return will be 'mmmm...okay...then do more.' It's time to show the right attitude, I am not planting bombs, nor I have been accused of training suicide bombers, so that's pretty much clear. My country is actually a victim of terrorism, so please for God sake, everyone gotta hold that apologetic tone right there. Don't give people an excuse to pressurize you. They all should know that even though terrorists are making our lives hell but we are still quite successful in having a normal life, we probably deserve a noble prize for peace efforts or something like that.
3. Boycott
If somebody who lives in Pakistan and thinks that Pakistan is a failed state, then he deserves a boycott. He should get out of this country because we have no time to waste on such thankless and hopeless souls. Boycott them in every manner, outcast them. Our energy should be focused on those who are ready to accept the truth and that is that Pakistan has as strong a chance of surviving as its citizens will try to strive for. I am not even thinking to waste my breath on such souls.
4. Pakistan is my brand and I am the brand ambassador
Hussain Haqqani might be a favorite of USA and it would be hard to replace him. But in our own life, we all are an ambassador of Pakistan, be good to foreigners, show them your good side. We have to show them that we are sophisticated, we are bright, we are smart, our kids make A level records, our girls win NASA competitions, Microsoft takes a bag full of our graduates and they would hardly find anybody as good as us. That we all are ourselves tired of extremism, that most of our men are not polygamist, that our women do not spend their lives in a four wall. That just like any other country, we have both good and bad elements in our society. If you are telling them that you are equally tired of Pakistan and that you have no hope for Pakistan then let me suggest that you are playing quite a role for the terrorists. In that case, you are certainly a disgrace to the whole nation, don't bother to show us your ugly face, get a nationality of some other nation and leave Pakistan's green card alone - you don't deserve it.
5. I am a Journalist too and I report positive things because rest of the media just skates over them
If I start believing our media then it seems that the only things that happen here are raps, honor killings, bombings, attacks, rallies, long marches and every other evil thing which you can think of. But being a citizen of Pakistan gives me an advantage of having a first-hand experience of life @ Pakistan and for a fact I know that there are too many positive things around us. Karachi city's mayor was selected as the second best mayor of world (and we never bothered to know that who is the first,) Karachi's bridges and roads are of international level, every morning thousands of girls leave their homes for studies and jobs and their families are usually quite supportive of them. We just had a two week long successful Film festival. Do you ever see such news in our media ?
We have to come out and report this other and a more major side of Pakistan and not just on our blogs but on international forums such as newsvine. How the world perceive you is actually much more important than what exactly are you. And I will do everything to work on this image building part.
6. Behold that religious extremism right there
If you believe that the bare ankle of a woman can become the reason behind a country's downfall
then don't bother to have a conversation with me telling that I should cover my head or I should sit at my home. Chances are that I will try to break your head with anything which will be in my range.
Tomorrow, I could be an atheist, a Jewish or a Christian or even a Hindu and nobody has anything to do with that. If somebody has any other thoughts then we need to boycott them, we have to take every possible measure to make it clear that our religion is our private matter.
But in order to fight them, a correct knowledge of religion is necessary. These factors thrive on ignorance. And no stone should remain unturned in this regard.
7. Stay Alert
Politicians sucks and so does politics but now is no time to ignore them. Read every news in the newspaper, hear every news on the T.V., in order to fight the enemy, you need to be aware of their moves.
I had to cut down on my technical books in order to bring in time for a detail read of DAWN but that's the call of the time.
So, That's the plan.
I'll focus on Pakistan's image building but off course without any traces of being apologetic about it. I have figured out that I need to become a hope for others and motivate other people to become a hope in themselves. I have to show an attitude which will tell the terrorists that no matter what you'll do , I am a warrior who wont fall down that easily. And my fight will be all about mind games.

Since I have been too lazy to move my own ass and come with with something original like this, I just thought I would share hers, very good ideas indeed.  I am all up for her plan and have already started executing it.  I urge the readers to also ponder upon these.

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