Monday, March 30, 2009


Guest post by AVS:
India has seen a lot of success in the recent times. Pakistan, on the other hand, has seen some of the worst crises in its history. The younger generation in Pakistan, is becoming increasingly pessimistic, comparing Pakistan to the US, UK and India, citing the economic and social growth they have experienced. I just wanted to show the Pakistani people just one face of the true worth of their invaluable country. I repeat, INVALUABLE. It's a pity that we only realize the worth when we look at stories like this.
Ehsan Jafri was an Indian Member of Parliament in the 6th Lok Sabha, representing the Indian National Congress Party. Jafri was burnt to death in his own home by Hindu rioters during the Gujarat riots of 2002. One of the rioters involved, Madan Chawal recalled (Tehelka):
Paanch-chheh jan pakad liye the, phir usko jaise pakad ke khada rakha phir logon mein se kisi ne talwar maari… haath kaate… haath kaat ke phir pair kaate… phir na sab kaat dala… phir tukde kar ke phir lakda jo lagaye thhe, lakde uspe rakh ke phir jala daala… zinda jala daala…
"Five or six people held him, then someone struck him with a sword… chopped off his hand, then his legs… then everything else… after cutting him to pieces, they put him on the wood they’d piled and set it on fire… burnt him alive…"
You might want to read this story. Devastating and extremely scary. Thank god for Pakistan. Learn to respect your country, it's the most valuable gift by Allah to us.
And btw, Narendar Modi is the frontrunner for the BJP's nomination as the next PM of India. Best of luck to all the minorities there.
Pakistan Zindabad.


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  2. Very nice, AVS. These inspirational thoughts, though all based on facts and truth, so obscurely appear on media that they almost seems false.

    Great post, we all needs such writings, keep appearing on JDee blog :)

  3. Great post.

    I would like to add that one of the main reasons for this unrest and pessimism in younger generation is the role of our media, and one channel in particular which is unfortunately the most watched. There are good channels as well where you get a relatively peaceful feeling. But an hour of GEO News makes the blood boil doesn't it? As if it is a part of a global scheme to defame Pakistan.

    There is violence all around the world, but nowhere will you find raw visuals and blatant reporting such as "har taraf insani jism k tukre nazar aa rahe hain" or "qayamat-e-sughra ka manzar hai". They start with news stories that project Pakistan as a rogue nation and finish it off with glitter of bollywood or a man in India performing an incredible feat. Imagine the influence of all this on the younger minds.

    Well look around, we have incredible feats of our own that need your attention. They need to be reported and projected.

  4. Yes, you cannot be killed by a Hindu in that manner here in Pakistan but then you don't need to. There are more than enough fellow Pakistani brethren willing to do the same to you based on your beliefs.

    India has its own share of problems but they are in a much better state than we, I think that much is blatantly obvious. Besides, it is not humane to point at others' suffering and seek respite in that when our own land finds itself in no less than a state of chaos itself.

  5. @Razz: I think that you missed the point. Nobody is doubting that India is in a better state than we are, nor is anybody seeking respite in our chaos. What we need to do is to realize that what we have is precious and try to fight for it instead of being pessimistic and giving up to a handful of terrorists and extremists.

  6. @Farhan: Can't agree with you more. I am getting sicker and sicker of Geo everyday. If Zardari bans it again, he will have my full support on at least this one thing, no matter how many Rehmans we get to lose.

  7. how can you fight it when your president is willing to sign up one area after another to Taliban. First it was swat, dir and bannu are next and soon, they will be here in Karachi.

  8. I agree. We should be thankful for Pakistan. Indian extremists are 'extremer' than our extremists :P

    Every nation have their own set of problems. The trick of surviving is to deal with them rather than looking away.

  9. @Tazeen: Not that I am a big fan of the guy but public pressure did manage to get the CJ restored against the will of the President. If we can get out on the road for one person, why can't we do it for the whole country?

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