Wednesday, March 4, 2009

We are sorry …

Today is going down as a very sad day in the history of Pakistan.  Sri Lanka, one of the very few nations that was willing to show solidarity with us and to visit us in tough times like these has been targeted in broad daylight right at the busiest square of the second largest city in Pakistan.

I am speechless.  Not because the future of Cricket in Pakistan looks gloomier right now than it ever did but because it is so shameful for us as a nation to have failed miserably at protecting our own guests, I can’t even write it in words. 

We are sorry Sri Lankans to have lost the trust you had shown in us and our officials when you agreed to tour us and bring some good to our country.  I guess the Aussies were right after all.

We are sorry Sri Lankans for not fulfilling our promise regarding providing you state-level security.  We have other better usage for our police force and they have been busy in curtailing political rivalries.

We are sorry that our security officials still claim they provided “fool-proof” security and this could have happened anywhere.  These idiots should be taken to task for this.  If they do not have the self-respect to resign, which I am sure they don’t, they should be sacked immediately.

We are sorry that none of our top government officials has apologized to the Sri Lankan nation formally yet.  They are very quick when it comes to saying bullshit and making a joke out of themselves and the nation.

We are proud of our soldiers who lost their lives but saved their guests.  I wish they could also save the honor of the nation.

The pathetic blame game has started already.  I think it’s time we stop shifting responsibility.  No matter who was behind all this, it was our own security lapse that let this happen. 12 unmasked gunmen in broad daylight waiting for the motorcade, firing at it openly, killing half a dozen policemen and injuring as many high-profile guests on the busiest square that could exist in Lahore and then fleeing away unharmed.  And then they say that it could happen anywhere.  I mean, WTF? 

We need to first find people within our ranks who are responsible for this and bring them to justice before looking for a foreign hand. 

We are sorry Sri Lankans.  We are just sorry.


  1. Well said. Totally echoes my sentiments right now

  2. Very sad indeed.
    We should not forget that this was an attack on Pakistan as well. No matter how incompetent our government may be, it should be made clear to the world that we as a nation are not the perpetrators but the victims of such acts of terrorism.

  3. So true, JDee. Instead of dumping responsibility on someone else, we should be finding culprits and ponder over why so many security lapses and flaws occurred/happened despite our commitment of providing them best security.

    Really disgusting, one of big WTF moment of my life.

  4. Long time, no see dude.


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