Monday, April 27, 2009


I have been interviewed by The Pakistani Spectator.

At first when I got their invite for the interview, I was quiet flattered (I even showed it off to a few friends) but later I found out that they kept interviewing bloggers and it wasn't that big a deal.

A few bloopers happened as well.  

Firstly, they posted it with my real name for some reason and not with the nick that I use (probably got that from my email conversation with them).  There goes the cover.

Secondly, all links that I had included in the answers got removed in their formatting and so some of the stuff doesn't make sense anymore like the message to the readers.

Anyways, the interview can be found here.  Below is the extract for the lazy ones:
I am JDèé, a blogger from Karachi.  I am an MBA by qualification and a software engineer by profession.  My blog is named JDèé Quest and can be found here.  This is a place where I just blurt out random stuff, sometimes serious, sometimes funny and sometimes just plain stupid. Other than blogging, I try reading, photography and tennis.

Could you tell us what made you decide to blog, and what was the inspiration behind it?
I had recently graduated from the business school that I had been attending for my MBA degree. It was an executive program so it pretty much took all my spare time.  So when I graduated, I had quiet a lot of spare time and I started a few hobbies back then.  Blogging was one of those.  I wanted to use the forum to make a difference.  I want to light a candle, as little as it may be, do my part and hope that others do theirs. Who knows, there might be light someday.  More about that here .

What do you think sets Your blog apart from other blogs?
I have just started blogging, I don’t think my blog is one of a kind or anything.  But as I said, you can find anything on this blog, sometimes funny, sometimes serious and sometimes just plain stupid.

If you could choose one characteristic you have that brought you success in life, what would it be? 
I have a very positive approach to life.  More often than not, I’ll be noticing the half full part of the glass.  I think this has played a major part in whatever little success I have got so far.

What was the happiest and gloomiest moment of your life?
There are too many happy ones and too little gloomy ones so it’s hard to say.

Urdu Blogs have got huge potential, when do you think they will really take on the online horizon in Pakistan?
I think urdu blogs do have a huge potential. Currently I feel that urdu blogs do not have a very large fan following because the famous Pakistani English bloggers dont have counterparts in the Urdu blogosphere. I think it’s gonna take some time before they take on the online horizon.

If you could pick a travel destination, anywhere in the world, with no worries about how it’s paid for - what would your top 3 choices be?
Paris, Langkawi, Rome

What is your favorite book and why?
Shahabnama because it teaches you how to live a principled life.

What is your favorite meal, dress, and sport?
Biryani, shirt-trouser and tennis.

Which are the top 3 places in Pakistan for honeymoon?
Well, I can only think of 2, Murree/surrounding areas and the Northern areas.  And the current security situation at the Northern areas just leaves Murree around.

What’s the first thing you notice about a person (whether you know them or not)?
The way they carry themselves around and treat the people that are around them.  Oh!  And also their teeth.  I had horrible teeth once so I have this habit of judging others’.

Whose Future is more bright in Pakistan; English blogs or Urdu Blogs?
It’s too early to say if Urdu blogs have a better future in Pakistan than English ones.

How Pakistani bloggers can benefit from blogs financially?
There are a lot of things Pakistani bloggers can do to make their blogs financially viable but the first and foremost is to establish a good reader base and for that, one needs to come up with regular good quality blog posts and market their blogs appropriately.

Do you think Pakistani bloggers tend to remain somewhat self-centered and really don’t go out of their shells? Is it the oriental style of blogging, or they are still unsure about it?
I believe blogging as a medium draws strength from self-centered writing. People essentially write about themselves, their friends, their interests etc. It is the global style of blogging.

What do you think where the Pakistani blogosphere is right now?
I think the Pakistani blogosphere is evolving at an exponential rate.  The trend is catching on and more and more blogs are being used for productive purposes.

Who are your top five favourite bloggers in Pakistan?
Well, there are just so many blogger friends, it’s hard to shortlist 5 but these are some of the blogs that I follow regularly.
Five Rupees

Have you ever become stunned by the uniqueness of any blogger in Pakistani blogosphere?
Well, not really.  Everyone is unique in their own unique way and so are their blogs.

What is the future of blogging in Pakistan?
The future of blogging in Pakistan is quiet bright. As I said, the Pakistani blogosphere is evolving at an exponential rate.

You have also got a blogging life, how has it directly affected both your personal and professional life?
Well, initially it had taken a toll on my personal life but I have learned to balance it now.  It does not affect my personal or professional life anymore.

What are your future plans?
Future plans about blogging?  I am gonna continue to blog till I feel I can’t make a difference anymore or it stops motivating me.

Any Message you want to give to the readers of The Pakistani Spectator?
Stay hungry, stay foolish.

Happy knowing me.


Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Think Different

Here is to the crazy ones …
The misfits …
The rebels …
Trouble makers …
The round pegs in square holes …
The ones who see things differently.
They are not fond of rules and they have no respect for the status quo.
You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify or vilify them …
But the only thing you can’t do is ignore them.
Because they change things …
They push the human race forward.
And while some may see them as the crazy ones, we see genius.
Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world …
Are the ones who do.
Think different!

Monday, April 6, 2009


I broke my tennis racket. 

As you all know, I have been rocking at tennis lately.  It so happened that I sucked at it on Thursday.  I just couldn’t connect.  It just felt like the balls (tennis ones) got heavier all of a sudden.  My racket rolled over in my hand whenever I tried a volley.  I barely won the first game (still) and I lost the second one pretty badly. 

I couldn’t figure out what was wrong and how I lost the game that bad.  This doesn’t happen a lot, believe me.  Well, this has more to do with the fact that my tennis buddies are bigger losers than I am than me rocking the court (sorry, guys) but still, this doesn’t happen a lot.

Anyways, I thought there was something wrong with the grip.  It had, after all, gone all rusty and soft.  So, the next day I stopped by at the sports good store and got the grip replaced.  It made a little difference and it felt better at the game that day but still it was not the way it used to be.

It was only after I missed another shot that I noticed that little crack at one side that I had been missing all this time.  Even the guy who changed the grip overlooked it conveniently (and charged me 150 bucks to replace something that wasn’t even broken). 

Anyhow, if someone is wondering how the deceased looked like, she looked like this:

Tennis 2

Somehow, I feel good.  I know that it might sound weird but it’s true.  In fact, I feel accomplished.  I am the first one in my tennis group to achieve this feat with our fake-Chinese-copies-of-original-Wilson-rackets-that-should-ve-been-broken-all-ends-up-after-six-months-of-tennis-already.  I feel that I have outgrown the first stage of amateur tennis and although, I would have preferred getting there in this fashion, I still like the fact that I made it there:

I am also excited about getting a new one, now. 

Adios amigos.