Monday, April 6, 2009


I broke my tennis racket. 

As you all know, I have been rocking at tennis lately.  It so happened that I sucked at it on Thursday.  I just couldn’t connect.  It just felt like the balls (tennis ones) got heavier all of a sudden.  My racket rolled over in my hand whenever I tried a volley.  I barely won the first game (still) and I lost the second one pretty badly. 

I couldn’t figure out what was wrong and how I lost the game that bad.  This doesn’t happen a lot, believe me.  Well, this has more to do with the fact that my tennis buddies are bigger losers than I am than me rocking the court (sorry, guys) but still, this doesn’t happen a lot.

Anyways, I thought there was something wrong with the grip.  It had, after all, gone all rusty and soft.  So, the next day I stopped by at the sports good store and got the grip replaced.  It made a little difference and it felt better at the game that day but still it was not the way it used to be.

It was only after I missed another shot that I noticed that little crack at one side that I had been missing all this time.  Even the guy who changed the grip overlooked it conveniently (and charged me 150 bucks to replace something that wasn’t even broken). 

Anyhow, if someone is wondering how the deceased looked like, she looked like this:

Tennis 2

Somehow, I feel good.  I know that it might sound weird but it’s true.  In fact, I feel accomplished.  I am the first one in my tennis group to achieve this feat with our fake-Chinese-copies-of-original-Wilson-rackets-that-should-ve-been-broken-all-ends-up-after-six-months-of-tennis-already.  I feel that I have outgrown the first stage of amateur tennis and although, I would have preferred getting there in this fashion, I still like the fact that I made it there:

I am also excited about getting a new one, now. 

Adios amigos.


  1. Get one with a metallic frame. That way you will only bend it rather than breaking it :P

  2. Wow! you following footprints of Federer!.. Good luck :))

    I was expecting 'bigger losers' to comment here, have you restricted this post's visibility or they haven't got time to see this yet.

  3. The blog is public, Ali. They'll comment when they see it. :)

  4. So when are you ready to get beaten by Nadal (me)? :P

  5. 1. You played for a considerable amount of time with my racket that evening after showing dissatisfaction with your own. That didn't cause any improvement in your game.

    2. You are so immersed into your own self that you didn't appreciate the fact that i was on top of my game that evening.
    Fine. I will beat you again, you playing with your new original racket and me with my old fake one.

    3. There is no evidence that you broke the racket while playing tennis. I think BN will support me here that you have a tendency to THROW things instead of PLACING them. Have you ever noticed yourself throw plates at the table or your cellphone on the desk? I am not suggesting that you broke the racket that way, because i see something more sinister here...

    If you can win with pride, you should also be able to lose with grace, and accept your defeat and not break your racket when you go home to cover up a bad performance. Show some sportsman's spirit.

  6. @Farhan: "Couldn't have said it better" :)

  7. @Farhan: Dude, chill! It's a fun post with obviously distorted facts. Why are you taking it seriously?
    And come on, Man. You seriously think I went home and broke my racket just because I lost a game? And yours was the only game I lost that day (despite of the broken racket), how can you claim that the game didn't improve by the change of the racket.
    Anyways, please don't take any of my rants (or self-loving) posts seriously. It's all just for fun.

  8. well I'll only consider you an accomplished tennis player if you break the strings on your racket --- Throwing your racket around and breaking it doesn't count :p

  9. Dude come on. it was a fun comment on a fun post. i was anything but serious. having written it i had shown it to BN and we laughed rolling on the floor :-D

    and yeah i seriously think you went home and broke the racket :-P


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