Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Consistently Inconsistent

The Pakistanis have done it again. 

After failing to chase a mere 198 from being 95-0 in the third game against the Aussies, they successfully overcame 250 after being 56-3 in the last one.  Only two games late, though.

The demoralizing loss in the third game was the crucial one in my opinion (also in Alam’s, who also happened to be our coach when we won the cup 17 years ago).  It dented the morale of the team and anybody remotely keen on following Pakistani Cricket.

The problem with being someone that cheers the Pakistani Cricket team (me being guilty of the charge) is that they don’t even let you go off the hook.  Just when you think that time has come to let go the passion, they come up with some great win out of nowhere and then you get hooked again only to be disappointed even further later.  Another trick of theirs is to entice you into following by playing good cricket at the start (of the series/match/whatever) and it is only when they self-destruct afterwards that you know it has all been a scam.  You know, consistently inconsistent!

It was a good cricket series for us, nevertheless.  We got international exposure of some value after a long time and nobody expected us to beat the Aussies anyway, right?  I hope that they learned something from the series.  I also hope to see our team back in action on the international arena more regularly now. 

Looking forward to the T20 world cup as well.


  1. Ack!! Cricket :P

    A day will come when the Taliban will wipe cricket off the face of the Earth.


  2. I swear it was SO disappointing that I didn't even bother to sit thruogh all the match (last 2)
    The way the 3rd match turned around I.was.shocked!

    Disappointment disappointment! Bit I am so glad atleast we get to see our team play cricket!

  3. *throughout the matches


    Sorry, typos.

  4. Damn. We're out of the tournament then?

  5. @Cube: That's a low blow, Man.
    @Anushay: I am glad too that we got some cricket.
    @Xeb: It wasn't a tournament. It was a 5 match series which we lost 3-2 in the end.

  6. well, what do you except when you consistently keep on playing inconsistent performers or in some cases consistent non-performers :P


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