Thursday, May 14, 2009

Gwadar Trip

I had gone to Gwadar with friends back in January 2009. It was an awesome trip and we had tons of fun.  I didn’t blog on it then and it’s old story now.  But someone on facebook asked me about it yesterday.  He wanted to plan a similar trip for himself and I (and my friend FS) ended up writing him a detailed reply.

Thought I would share those on my blog for the ones who are also planning a similar trip to Gwadar from Karachi.

Travel is around 10 hours one side. Cost was PKR 18000 for the round trip in a 12 seater Hiace. There are some bad patches in the way and only diesel is available and that too is very scarce. I'd recommend hiring a diesel ride instead of taking your cars.

Accommodation was at the Naval officers' mess, with nominal cost (around PKR 3000 for food/breakfast/stay/everything). Try to book that naval mess if you have some connections in the Army/Navy. It's the best deal you can get there. Other options are not-so-good-and-inexpensive manjhi hotels and a ted-more-expensive PC Gwadar, which, by the way is a must see place there.

Itinerary should be like:

1) Hub (Nothing of note here)
2) Gadani (Great beach, but skip this for this trip)
3) Sonmiani (Nothing to see)
4) Winder (The last major town for a long way, stock up on food and fuel here).
5) MCH starts (120~150 KM)
6) Hingol National Park
6a) Mud volcano (have to go off road for about 2 hours)
6b) Bridge over Hingol, also nearby (0.5-1 hour) is a Hindu temple
6c) Kund Malir Beach (best beach on the way, definitely stop here)
6d) Buzi Pass ( a long pass that takes you up the mountains and then down to the beach. Great view, do stop along the way)
7) Ormara (250 Km from Karachi). Reasonably good beach. Can stay or camp here if you have time and\or connections in the Navy.
8) Pasni (~350-400 km). Approximately mid point. No petrol pump in between Ormara and Pasni. Another Naval base.
9) Gwadar (650 Km): Explore the town, the beach and definitely go to PC, if you are not staying there. Few islands nearby, we didn't go there, so can't tell much.

Some things to note are that we were 8 people and the total cost came close to around PKR 24000. But then, we had to spend very little on food/accommodation.

We left Karachi around 9 on a Saturday morning and got there around 7 in the evening. You guys should try to leave earlier (around Fajr, if you can) and get there in sunlight and catch both the sunset and the sunrise there. We left Gwadar around noon the next day and got to Karachi around 10 at night.

Gwadar itself does not offer much, other than the Pearl Continental and the beach. But there are plenty of other beaches on the way. It's actually the Makran Coastal Highway that is worth seeing so plan your stops on the highway accordingly.

Plan for the worst on the highway. Keep extra food/medical kit/fuel with you guys. There is not a lot of traffic/help available there if anything goes wrong.

Some Pictures that I took on the way:

Getting UpEarly Morning FlightThe Moon And The Sea
Through The DesertThe Lone Rider

Have fun.

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