Thursday, May 7, 2009

Some Days Are Just Bad

Bad enough to deserve a dedicated blogpost .

Arsenal lost Champion League's semifinal against ManU in a dreadful display of soccer from their side late at night.  Arsenal were no match to ManU.  Heck, Arsenal are not a match to ManU, probably the best soccer club in the world, on most days.  But I, along with most other non ManU supporters I know, hate the club because of the holier-than-thou attitude of its fans.  Or maybe, that breed is only present in Pakistan. 

Anyways, the night was ruined. 

I then got a headache/fever when I got up that wasted the first half of my day as well.

When I finally dragged myself to office, I got my car bumper detached by an eager motorcyclist on my way who then claimed it was my mistake as he had told me (from underneath his helmet) to stop and let him go the wrong way first. 

If that wasn't enough, I got into an insane argument 2 minutes later when an upcoming car waalay uncle refused to let me pass first and wanted me to back off 50 yards so that he didn't have to back off 5.  He pointed at his beard and asked "kitni umer hai aapki?" [how old are you?].  I might look young but I have been driving since the age of 14.  Still, I didn’t know what that warranted.  Someone please tell me how to tackle that. 

And then when I finally made it to the office, I found out that some important meetings had got postponed and our internet connection there had been suspended because of a misunderstanding between the installation and the billing departments of the ISP, which resulted in more wasted time.

And then there is no tennis on Wednesdays and that didn’t help either.

Some days are just bad.


  1. Hapiness and sadness are our reaction to events... so it is up to us to be happy or sad or to declare a day as good or bad!

  2. When you stay up that long for a football match and complain about the fever/headache you should remember that you are not 20 anymore :P

    Once an 'uncle' asked me the exact same favour based on his age and his face was worthy of live reality TV when I said "Aap jannat mein bhee ultai rastai sai he jana" ;). Of course that's not the usual me but I was really pissed that day (thanks to javascript).

  3. The eager motorcyclist reminds me of my sister driving

  4. I hear you. I've been having an endless week of bad days.

  5. I think that was just another day ! Why you term it as a bad one is just cuz it started with ur team losing and u said to urself, "its not just my day" and then every other thing that went wrong started proving u right !

    Even if Arsenal had one, u still wud've faced the biker and the uncle and they both still wud've found you doing wrong. But just cuz Arsenal had won last night u wudn't 've been so pissed and instead of this post there was post full of Arsenal's praise. And am so glad that didn't happen :)

  6. I know - I've also havent been able to figure out how to deal with motorists who adamantly drive into a narrow galee when you're almost at the other end. And then sit stubbornly waiting for you to back up !!! It's just CRAZY !!!

  7. be thankfull to Allah that just some days or a day is bad..not weeks, months and years

  8. Its football, not soccer! :P

    Arsenal are dreadful alright (on evidence of their thrashings of late). Maybe its time for Arsene to leave eh?

  9. @Zeeshan: Ditto.
    @humairahumaira: Unless your sister has a round belly and a big beard, I am not really sure. :P
    @BN: Whatever, I just hope Barca kick ManU's ass in the finals.
    @Arfeen: Tell me about it.
    @Naveed: Of course.
    @Razz: You should be the one supporting me on soccer, Man. :P Anyways, Arsene has to make some important decisions this summer, only then we can say whether it's time for him to go or not.


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