Monday, July 6, 2009

Sindh Safari – Road (S)trip – Part 1

Our journey began like any other; … with a plan.

And as most plans that we tend to make and which eventually end up in the trash can, this one too was destined for the same fate. Worse was the fact that it was being sketched out by AVS, not that AVS’s planning is any bad, just that when he is adamant to go himself, it always tends to fail. But as they say, sometimes you get lucky once in a blue moon; and this time it was literally exactly that (read on), and AVS was able to pull off the plan successfully.

Did I say successfully!? Hmmm … At least the plan was successful, never mind its execution!

So with arrangements made (mostly thanks to AVS), we agreed to gather at his place early on Saturday morning, on June the 6th. But before I proceed any further, let me introduce you to the cast of this, anything but brief, “Road (S)trip” :
A: Director of Photography and Event Manager, he’s got all angles covered.
JD: Editor-in-Cheap, anything you say or suggest will be cut short by “Maaf kar do”.
F: Hair Stylist, he has a special way of servicing Motor Mechanics.
R: Site & Location expert and an emerging camera-man; CHEERS!!
S aka Massa Khan: Comedian Actor. With an IQ of 1.5, he’s a natural. Other traits include being a Truck driver, Bus driver, Riksha driver; but sorry, he can’t drive a gadha gardi; since when have you ever heard a car driving itself. Under this profession, he goes by the name of “Massa Khan”. (He’s ideal for situations where a car’s Power Steering has just gone bust.)
O: Our beloved heroin; must be provided with an Air Conditioned environment at all times.
MF: The Good Guy and the Fantasizer, but don’t go by his name; he usually is the one on the received end.
H: Writer, PR Manager and “Maachis ki teeli”, has no morals and will report anything and everything that is material for ridicule.
Some other members who were unable to join:
Ajju: Bouncer; first one to run off in case of a fight.
Phajja: The Suga Daddy Mommy and sweetheart of every, not necessarily, gay man.
Uddi: The not so good, but bad and definitely ugly villain, requiring no makeup to play the role of a frightening beast; little ghosts & poltergeists check above their graves and behind their tombstones to make sure that Uddi is not hiding there waiting to scare the moon-lights out of them.
The Many Ex-Colleagues: The Extras that JD wanted to bring along for some unknown reason.

Anyways, back to the story.

For once, everyone managed to reach on time, that being 6 AM.


But then A disappeared for 20 minutes in his house, F went to pray, and Massa Khan went sniffing about for Paratha & Chaye once the Dhaabas started opening. Anyways, we were off by 6:20, with A, F and me strapped in JD’s car; the other’s in R’s. Once passed the Toll Plaza, we were in full speed to our first stop, that being “Hala”, where we intended to have breakfast.

But the gods were with Massa Khan this time round; his rumbling belly cried out to the heavens, begging for some miracle (more like debacle) to happen, and so that we stop mid-way. And that’s exactly what happened; JD’s AC started blowing smoke, and by the time we eventually stopped and got out, the outside environment was cooler than inside the car. This was pit stop number 1.

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  1. okies this sound interesting :) will read the rest of the parts as well


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