Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Sindh Safari – Road (S)trip – Part 2

On our arrival to the Trucker’s stand, we were welcomed by Massa Khan’s friends:


Massa Khan greeted them by saying “Doggy Doggy!!”; and they replied in kind by saying “Kuttay Kuttay!!”.

After having our breakfast (what else, but paratha & chaye), we were soon off again; and even sooner stopping again, as now JD’s car had an upset stomach. This time it was a wire on fire! This was pit stop number 2.

Luckily, A got in contact with his Mamoo who lives in Hyderabad, and he was able to guide us to some mechanics in Jamshoro, so as to avoid Hyderabad city. This was pit stop number 3. We were able to get the wire repaired, and while we got our ice box filled up, Massa Khan put in a quick order for Paratha. Why again and so soon you might ask, first of all because the first breakfast was for Massa Khan, this one was for Munna! And secondly, the first breakfast didn’t have any ‘unda’ (omelet), and so no nashta can be complete for Massa Khan without that.

Off we were again, past the Jamshoro Barrage, where photography was prohibited (oops, my bad).


Of course, there was no AC, but for the while, we braved the heat lashes stroking our faces. We had a death defying incident when a truck suddenly came in front of our car, but JD’s quick reaction was able to stop the car in time and avoid a collision.

Further on, due to diversions, the highway often became a two way, and when some buses came in the second lane headed towards us, JD had to manage again. JD showed the middle finger by projecting his arm outside the window, and the bus drives waved back thinking that JD was saying hi. “What a nice fellow to get his car off the road into the side ditch and still say hi!”, they must have thought!

On again, and off again (off the road that is). If it wasn’t us being forced off the road by others, it was the car making us do so. How many pit stops, I’ve lost count!

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