Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Sindh Safari – Road (S)trip – Part 3

As if things couldn’t get worse, they just did. The power steering went out of order. So we decided to stop at Moro. We had the team split up as it would take some time, and decided to have lunch during that. O, Massa Khan, MF and I went to have lunch, while the rest had the car repaired. Now all this while, Massa Khan kept updating the status on Facebook, to give a firsthand account of our progress.

While we had lunch in a totally air conditioned environment (O wouldn’t have it any other way), the rest were in search for ‘Ustad Guloo’, regarded as the expert in repairing any type of vehicle having at least one wheel.

Our explorers waded out into the thick jungle (encroachments) of Moro city, searching for the Chownk! They finally managed to find him. Meanwhile, back at the restaurant, we were really starting to feel tired from our hectic and ever-so-long wait in the AC surroundings. We even tried tea, going to the toilets multiple times and taking pictures of other people, but in vain. Finally, we got word that the other team was headed back, with the Power Steering all repaired. But if we thought that lady luck had finally smiled on us, we were in for another surprise, the belt that runs the Power Steering motor broke again. Hell man! Even a Chinese or Pakistani made belt lasts more than 15 minutes!

By this time, everyone was fed up, and hence we had to bring Plan Z into action: Massa Khan!!

Massa Khan took to the steering wheel, gripped it hard, and drove the BAAWno like his very own, …. ahh Truck.

Finally, we reached our destination, the beautiful fort at Kot Diji.


Access to the fort was blocked by massive gates at the entrance, having killer spikes.

Since pets were not allowed, we hung Massa Khan on the gates to make sure he didn’t run away:

The small gate was the only way into the fort, in which you had to bend over to get in. It was guarded by a chowkidar, on our request, he stepped back to let us in. Of course, a bent down R with short shorts in full view of the chowkidar helped here.

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