Friday, July 10, 2009

Sindh Safari – Road (S)trip – Part 5

But wait, just as we left, a most chilling site awaited us:

It was the ghost of ‘Maskara Khan’, the court clown of the King Nasir-uddi(n) Shaikha; who suffered a most horrified, terrified, and petrified death.

How?  Maskara Khan, who despite being warned, was found taking a dump in the King’s sacred fountain:


You can just see the agony on everyone’s face with their hands to the head; they can’t believe what just happened!

Even Maskara Khan, who although has no dignity or honor, for once can’t believe it himself!

Maskara Khan just turned away while the rest stood shell-shocked!  No one will ever take a bath here again.

Although he tried to make a get-away, yet our knight in shining (glasses) fought a dual with Maskara Khan, and finally succeeded in delivering the King’s decree:


Maskara Khan was hanged, and mutilated against the gate’s sharp spears, and left for dead (while still smiling), to serve as a reminder to all mankind, for not properly checking (in) his code (of conduct)!

And so endeth our tale of long ago, and with that our adventure, and this story!


  1. Lol. That seems a real interesting trip :D

  2. ok .. from msakhan i am now maskara khan? OH COME ON :(


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