Sunday, July 5, 2009

Sindh Safari – Road (S)trip

I went with my friends to explore Sindh. Well, we had planned for Kot Diji, to be precise but some mishaps with my car made us stay overnight and gave us enough time to explore other places as well.

Anyways, we had gone there last month and upon our return, one of my friends, HZM, narrated the whole story in his own unique style. Yup, you guessed it right. This is the same HZM that did a post on the shoe-throwing conspiracy.

Anyways, i am gonna include his creation on this blog. The next few posts will be his.


  1. Nice! I wonder if I can persuade you to take me with you next time you plan something like this! :)

  2. Good. Even though HZMs posts are highly anticipated you could have atleast given us your account of the AC incident :P

  3. @Xeb: Of course! Will let you know when I am going away next time. ;)
    @Cube: I am too lazy to write one of my own these days.


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