Saturday, October 31, 2009


Location: Dental clicnic in Khi
Characers: JDee and the dentist
Scene: Almost done with a three year long procedure, the two are discussing how to move forward

Dentist: Now that we are just about done, I am telling you that I am gonna cut your gums a bit.
JDee: Excuse me?
Dentist: Yah, it's gonna make your profile better.
JDee: Really?
Dentist: Yah.  In fact I just did one yesterday.  Let me show it to you.

Dentist takes JDee to his computer and loads up pics of some poor teenaged gal's bleeding, bruised, burned gums.

JDee: [thinking that it looks painful] Eww, does the procedure hurt?
Dentist: According to her, a lot.
JDee: And according to you?
Dentist: Well, it shouldn't.  It's not like I actually cut out flesh, I only burn it away with laser.  The only unpleasant thing should be the smell of burning flesh if you are allergic to it.
JDee: Ahh, I see your point. Thank God, I am not allergic. [WTF?]


  1. Laser surgery on gums? Now I've seen everything.

  2. I'd rather have an ugly profile

  3. Dude if I were you, I would prefer an ugly profile than having that procedure.

  4. you know you don't need to show ur gums for a nice pic ! :)

  5. You should've told him you are already engaged :P

  6. Also, I offer you some bitchy entertainment: A hate blog. ^_^

  7. I wish you would have gone through it and we could see picture of your gums in that condition:P

  8. Ewww, and yeah, I ALSO thought I'd seen it all... the past year, I was at the dentist's so much I thought he was going to ask me to contribute towards the rent. Though he did suggest a bridal teeth whitening package (I am SO offended), this... this is new!

    And equally horrible.


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