Monday, November 30, 2009

Chitkabri: Jo k aik gai hai

Guest post by a friend

Chitkabri is a two toothed cow, which unlike its predecessors is very friendly and was born and raised in-home like a child (ghar ki palli hai), she can be categorized as “sexy” as they say beauty lies in the eyes of beholder, and this insight is coming from a couple of bulls, who referred to her as a “HOT MAMA”

Unlike Sajawal from the last eid, Chitkabri happens to belong to Sahiwal, however was bought from Bahawalpur Mandi and transported to Karachi, so she is not new to distances and travelling.

She is a core Punjabi and this can be traced from each and every act of her, and the catwalk (as they call it) depicts the walk of an “Alhar Mutyar”, she finds comfort in humming the Heer Waris Shah in wee hours of the night while she is doing juggali.

Whereas Sajawal (R.I.P), was a different animal altogether (literally), normally the colours of sind ran through her veins and Kafi Sachal Sarmast from Abida Parveen was her preference.

She likes to model but the research and red eye correction algorithms of Sony Cybershot seem to fail on Chitkabri, if she looks straight at the camera; you would find two red hot globes of fire starring back at you.

On the first look you might mistake her for a huge Dalmatian, its only when you see her munching on bhoosa that she is a different specie. White skin and dark spots, like chocolate fudge on vanilla ice cream.

Although we would not be staying together for a long time but Chitkabri will always be remembered in the highest of regards.

Eid Mubarak everyone!